Bubbly Gold caramel verrines

Bubbly Gold caramel verrines

Recipe components

Caramel Doré Mousse


Add together.  

  • 233g
  • 22g
    glucose syrup

Boil together. Pour over previous mixture.

  • 38g
    gelatin mass

Mix in

  • 469g
    whipped cream

Add when previous mixture is at 35°C.

Use ± 35 g per chocolate cup.

Pain de Gênes

  • 187g

Thin with cutter. 

  • 79g
    whole egg(s)
  • 45g
    egg yolks


  • 163g
    egg white
  • 59g
    caster sugar

Whip up together. Add to previous mixture.

  • 69g

Sift and add.

Pour in 40 cm x 60 cm baking tray with silpat. Bake for ± 15 mins. at 180°C. Use ± 20 g per chocolate cup.


1. Cut Pain de Gênes into small discs with pastry cutter (± 3.5 cm diameter and 1 cm thick)
2. Use 2 discs per Bubbly Gold Cup. Cut small biscuit cubes with offcuts.
3. Put 1st disc on bottom of the cup.
4. Pipe Gold Chocolate Mousse on half of the cup.
5. Put on 2nd disc & finish filling the cup with mousse.

Decoration A


Cover Tagliatelli Dark CHD-ND19956E0-999 with Gold Creative Metallic Powder CLR-19165-999. Put in mousse. Sprinkle with Crunch Gold MAW-CL-199923E4-999. 

Decoration B


 Put biscuit pieces on mousse. Sprinkle with Crunch Silver MAW-DE-19912E0-999.