What will consumers desire tomorrow? Mona Lisa works together with chefs and trend watchers to gather inspiration about up and coming trends, techniques and applications for you to use in the kitchen.

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Trend: pastel gradient colours

Graduated is the new hot colour trend. The gradient effect has moved into interior decoration, spilled over into contemporary packaging and now is becoming exposed to the world of desserts and chocolate.

Trend: Mood Food

Food has even become part of our identity, shows what we value, what we like and we get likes out of it. So how do we, as chefs, affect the way food influences our mood?

Metallic colours

Gold, silver, and bronze are the ultimate colours to give your desserts, confectionary and chocolate creations an instant feel of elegance.


Texture does say a lot. Whether it stands alone – or in contrast with other textures – texture appeals to the imagination of consumers and enhances the taste sensation of any dessert.


Consumers love life in colors, especially in pastry, desserts and confectionery. Even more so when colors are used to express a flavor, a mood, a season...