Sundae Funday!


  • Brownie or Cake
  • Ice cream
  • Cherry
  • Mini cookie
  • Callebaut Caramel Fill
  • Callebaut Classic Icing & Filling
  • Strawberry cream sauce
  • American Almond Piping Gel

Products Used

Grand Bowl

Ivory Liqueur Cups

Dark Liqueur Cups

Duo Decor Curls


  • Take the American Almond Piping Gel and paint the top of the Liqueur Cup with it.
  • Dip the cup into your choice of garnish to make an evenly decorated rim. Set cups aside.
  • Cut a 3” round brownie or cake piece using a round cutter.
  • Scoop ice cream and place on top of the brownie or cake round in the Dark Grand Bowl.
  • Take the three decorated Liqueur Cups and fill with your favorite ice cream sauce or topping.
  • Garnish the dessert with a cookie, cherry, chocolate sauce and chocolate Décor Curls.