Fondant is for more than just cake...
Sugar Cookies

If you're anything like me, my flooding techniques when it comes to royal icing cookies usually look like a kindergartener did them. I've spent years telling my clients to get their cookies made elsewhere. 

That is until Mona Lisa Fondant entered my life! I know you've heard it time and time again but the taste of this fondant is truly so incredibly yummy that I now use it on all my cookies. The best part (besides them tasting so delicious) is the time saver factor! After all, time is money....right?! 

If you can use a cookie cutter to cut out a cookie, you can then use that same cutter to cut out the fondant deco and wham bam your cookie is decorated and ready to go! You can be as intricate or as simple in your details as you'd like. 

Cookies in this batch:

Beach Ball - 

  1. Take your go-to sugar cookie recipe & cut out a circle 
  2. Bake and cool.
  3. Choose 3 coordinating ML Fondant colors & use same circle cutter
  4. Brush a small amount of water on cookie & lay colored ML Fondant on top 
  5. Add small round ball of white ML Fondant at tip of beach ball
  6. Add a little luster dust for a finishing sparkle 


Mermaid Tail - 

  1. Follow same steps above 
  2. For the scales I marbled some ML Fondant & used a small circle cutter 
  3. Dresden tool the fins
  4. Again shine & done

Surf Board & Palm Tree -

  1. Same steps above
  2. Use impression mat for design 
  3. Water effect was made with Wilton mold mat
  4. Shine & Done

Flamingo -

  1. Again just as above
  2. I used another Wilton mold mat for the feathered wings
  3. On her I added a few gold touches 
  4. Shine & Done

It truly is that simple. These would be great for any beach party or you could use heart cutters for that wedding order you have coming up. So get inspired, dust off your old cookie cutters, grab a glass of lemonade, Mona Lisa Fondant & have some fun. I'd love to see your cookie creations, so please be sure to share!!! 

Sugar Blessings