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Sugar Cookies by Kristy Tuttle

If you're anything like me, my flooding techniques when it comes to royal icing cookies usually look like a kindergartener did them. That is until Mona Lisa Fondant entered my life!

You don't have to be Da Vinci to use Mona Lisa Fondant, by Rachel Lessne

There has been quite a buzz about Mona Lisa Fondant in the Cake Decorating industry. The CakeSafe Team wanted to see if this fondant is actually as innovative and easy to use as it’s touted to be. 

Insights from renowned Chef Colette Peters

I’ve been in the cake decorating industry for longer than I can remember, and am always excited to share some of my experience and insights with colleagues. It’s with that in mind that I’m thrilled by the opportunity to talk about Mona Lisa’s new fondant with you.

Spring is in the air, by Chef Bryson Perkins

"Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! I don’t think there’s a better time to let your creativity shine as a cake decorator than Spring time." 

Fondant launch party

To welcome the Mona Lisa Rolled Fondant, the team celebrated with an exciting launch party on November 10th at the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy. 

Introducing Rolled Fondant

Join me in welcoming this new, premium product to our line: Mona Lisa rolled fondant -- made by chefs, for chefs.