Mona Lisa

Like an artist's muse, Mona Lisa will be your pulse in trends on colour, food and design. We bring out your inner artist when decorating your desserts, pastries, or any other of your chocolate creations.


Trend: Mood Food

Food has even become part of our identity, shows what we value, what we like and we get likes out of it. So how do we, as chefs, affect the way food influences our mood?

Apple Rosette Tart Cup by Janet Hurley

Don't they look delicious? Here's how to make them!

Sugar Cookies by Kristy Tuttle

If you're anything like me, my flooding techniques when it comes to royal icing cookies usually look like a kindergartener did them. That is until Mona Lisa Fondant entered my life!


Texture does say a lot. Whether it stands alone – or in contrast with other textures – texture appeals to the imagination of consumers and enhances the taste sensation of any dessert.


Enhance the tactile experience for your guests and customers.

You don't have to be Da Vinci to use Mona Lisa Fondant, by Rachel Lessne

There has been quite a buzz about Mona Lisa Fondant in the Cake Decorating industry. The CakeSafe Team wanted to see if this fondant is actually as innovative and easy to use as it’s touted to be.